Questions and answers

What is Five Times Marlon?

Five Times Marlon is a musical concept: simple electronic pop. It could be called a reaction to today's music scene where everything is overproduced and where effects are more important than melody. It isn't a reaction. But it could as well be.


Who are Five Times Marlon?

Five Times Marlon play electronic pop. The people behind the music are not important, only the music itself is. 


Can I catch you live anywhere?

Most likely no. Five Times Marlon exist in an improvised studio with crappy equipment somewhere far away. We do not play live.


Can I buy your songs anywhere?

At the moment our tunes are available on Youtube and Soundcloud for free. More songs will be uploaded as time goes by.


Are there any photographs of you?

No. The music is important, not the people behind it. Therefore there are no photos on this site.


How can I contact you?

Please use the e-mail address on this page.