New material slowly being recorded

31/07/2017 09:40
We have got lots of positive comments on Memories e.p.! Thanks a lot! We have also started to slowly work on new material, which will come in the form of an e.p. again, this time with four tracks. Two of them are practically finished, while the other two are still in early stages, so count on a...

Memories e.p. soon out!

09/02/2017 17:06
We are putting the final tuches on Memories e.p. as weŕe speaking, and it will be out before the end of February! Keep an eye open here, on facebook, Bandcamp, or your favourite music site (like spotify)!   Track listing: 1 - Memories 2 - December 3 - Never let me go  

Spotify and Google Play

28/07/2016 00:00
Our album Analogue Art is now available for streaming on Spotify and Goole Play. More services, including iTunes, will come soon!

More views

01/03/2016 09:59
More than 4,500 views on Soundcloud, Youtube is rising constantly, and already a few hundred downloads on Bandcamp. Thank you very much. More material is in the pipeline...

Correction of misleading info on Bandcamp

09/02/2016 20:44
We have just noticed that our Bandcamp profile states our home is in India. With all due respect to that country, we regrettably have to correct this information. Five Times Marlon are not from India.   The mistake is actually kind of funny: when asked where we are from by Bandcamp, we filled...

Analogue Art out now! Download free on

31/12/2015 15:00
Analogue Art is now available for free download at! Check it out on this link: Track list: 1 - Thunder 2 - Fear 3 - What do we want? 4 - Without you 5 - The Arctic wind 6 - Another day 7 - Radio silence 8 - Sad song 9 - Walk...

Getting ready for X-mas... with new album Analogue Art!

15/12/2015 13:09
Analogue Art, recorded during 2014 and 2015, will soon available for free on! Most of the songs have already been posted on Youtube and Soundcloud, but a few are yet unreleased, and all have been remastered and remixed. Complete track listing: 1 - Thunder 2- Fear 3 - What do we want? 4...

More views!

09/12/2015 20:59
More than 4,000 views on Soundcloud and 2,300 on Youtube! Thank you for the support, and don't forget to dowload our first album "Electro-pop" on!

Download "Electro-pop" for free!

08/10/2015 16:54
At you can download our first album "Electro-pop" for free!

Views, and videos!

13/09/2015 17:23
More than 3,300 views on Soundcloud and 2,200 on youtube! Thank you for the support! Don't forget to check out our new videos on youtube: The Lovers, Without you, and Keep running (refugee mix)!
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